A day in the life!

Upon reuniting with my best friend, we planned a day filled with continuous adventures! Take a peek into day in my life!

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Shirt was originally a shirt that I turned into a muscle tee and used iron on letters to spell out the infamous phrase “Or Nah”.

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I had to talk her into going hiking although her first hiking experience left her scared for her life and vowing never to hike again haha (long story).
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Afterwards, we headed to the grocery store to pick up some BBQ necessities and had an impromptu cookout!  Sausage, steak and corn with coconut pie and ice cream! Ga damnn!

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Post indulgence we worked off the food the best possible, a little cardio of course and what better cardio than shoe shopping?

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Welcoming my new Jessica Simpson pumps and English Laundry tee to the fam! ❤ ❤

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And then I spent 4 hours watching prison break before I past out haha

Here’s to more adventurous summer days and nights! :P

xx Miss Tabitha M

A Few Things to Know About Nose Piercings!

nose 2 005

I recently got my nose pierced ,something I have wanted to do for quite some time now but always kept it off. This is my summer of actions speaking louder than words so I decided to get whilst out shopping with my mom and a friend. We went into a nearby Cambodian market place and had it done for only $10! haha talk about crazy! The whole procedure was quick safe and almost painless! Therefore, I decided to post some advice to help guide those considering the notion of a nose piercing from the basics to a little more personal tips.

1. Types of Nose piercings!

Types of Nose PiercingsPhoto credit: Blog.Bellybling.net

2. They really doesn’t hurt as much as you would think. Actually if you go in with the mentality that it is going to hurt like a *bleep* then you’re expectations will be disappointed so maybe its better to go in fear of the pain. 

3. The healing process takes a week and a couple days max to completely heal after which you may switch out the piercings with studs or rings of your choosing. Cleaning the area around the piercing with hydrogen peroxide should help!

4. Best places to go get a nose piercing are tattoo parlors or at your city’s mall.

5. Place to buy nose jewelry: Piercing Pagoda (located in the mall), Hot topic, Claire’s, etc. I would not recommend Ebay or Amazon because given the chance that the jewelry irritates your piercing, it is a lot harder to cover up because its right smack dab on your face! Save yourself the complications and take the safer route.

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M 


Hot Summer Item: Overalls!

To me, it feels like rompers were just prepping us for the full fledged return of the overall! After little observation, I have grown immensely fond of the full body garment. It didn’t take much for me to start obsessing over overalls simply because I’m such a fan of rompers. However, styling the ghost of 90’s clothes past can be super tricky therefore I’m gonna show you all three ways that I feel work for any fellow overall lover! Feel free to chose a favorite!


overalls style 1

overalls style 2


overalls 3
Which look is your favorite overall?
xx Miss Tabitha M

My 2014 Summer Soundtrack!

Here’s a few tunes I am currently obsessing over and plan on blasting throughout my summer adventures! I’m into a lot of indie, a little alternative, rap is always a good idea and pop with a side of R&B, a splash of country never hurts either haha. Give them a listen and leave any music suggestions for me!

NEW Shorts for Spring!


With spring comes new goodies for that can be used until we have to seek our scarves and boots in the fall! Distressed denim high-waisted shorts (originally Eddie Bauer jeans) ,Floral shorts (Forever 21), Black high-waisted shorts (Originally Riders jeans). With a few more cuts and distressing, I think the high-waisted bad boys will be good and ready!

Oh, Live a little!


Flowy Blouse: Jcpenny Shorts: Limited too ( Jeans but I turned them into shorts) All Jewelry: Forever 21.

Instagram is a drug people! It gets into your frontal lobe and makes you think every thing in your life is Kodak moment, I cant quit nor do I want to! Okay I know the girl group Fifth Harmony has been around for a while but I literally just heard them for the first time a week ago and I’m obsessed! There song “Miss moving on” is catchy and so uplifting to me and refuses to come every one of my play lists! Anyway, the countdown to move in day at my university continues and with each day that I cross on my calendar the pounding in heart increases and crazy look in my eyes get crazier! I hope you have noticed by now that I’m using these OOTD’s as a way of giving you a little insight into my life.

xx Miss Tabitha M.

Down to earth ootd


Crop top: Jcpenny. Maxi skirt: thrifted (Savers). Sandals: Old Navy. Earrings: Forever 21.

Hey Guys, I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far! Unfortunately as we get  to the middle of summer, heat wave season appears in full action.  I like to keep cool with a flowy maxi skirt for added comfort and a fitted yet stylish tank like the one above! 

What are your go to outfit pieces just in time for heat wave season?

xx Miss Tabitha M

Red, white and tie dye


Shorts: Kohls (originally jeans that I cut and distressed). Top: the brand petticoat alley. All Jewelry: Forever 21

Still in the process of preparing of college! I move in, in 35 days! I’ve been counting down since day 100 haha. Two days ago, my roomie and I got super early (8 o’clock is pretty much 5 o’clock) to pick which dorm and hall we would be living in and let me tell it was a war zone! Everything was over the internet so websites crashed and people had panic attacks, we got the room we wanted so in the end we were extremely happy!

How’s your summer so far?

xx Miss Tabitha M.