The first day of the rest of my life!

 Today was the LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL. “This is the last time….” was the beginning of literally every thing I did today. As cliche as it sounds, these four years brought me so much that I did not expect to happen, good and bad. I have learned a lot about myself and the life that I want to lead and I cannot wait to continue to learn. I will be staying in state this fall to attend a university that is an 100 miles away from home and I couldn’t be any more eager and ready to begin my freshman year of college.

While I have many individual moments that I am not proud of, I am proud of myself. I set out to high school with the goal to graduate without any major distractions, and that exactly what I did. I graduated, meet and lost some great people, got into the university of my dreams, got a fantastic job, and most importantly did not become a disappoint of a daughter. I still have a lot to look forward to like my prom, senior week, graduation, graduation present ;), growing my blog, college orientation, meeting my roommate, moving into my dorm room and beginning a new and important chapter in my life!

Image Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.

Tough and preppy!

  It was tres cold today as well so I went my favorite button up from Van Heusen (from the little boys section ;). It is pretty preppy so I added some roughness to it by paring jeans and combat boots. For extra toughness, roll the jeans up so that they hit at the top of the boots. For a more easy going look, tuck the legs of the jeans all the way into the boots!

Image Shirt: Van Heusen. Jeans: Kohls. Combat boots: Payless. Belt: target. Necklace: Forever21. Nail polsih: NYC color in minute.ImageImage I can explain? I was breathing out so I could see my breath, the camera went snap snap and here we are!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.