Hot Summer Item: Overalls!

To me, it feels like rompers were just prepping us for the full fledged return of the overall! After little observation, I have grown immensely fond of the full body garment. It didn’t take much for me to start obsessing over overalls simply because I’m such a fan of rompers. However, styling the ghost of 90’s clothes past can be super tricky therefore I’m gonna show you all three ways that I feel work for any fellow overall lover! Feel free to chose a favorite!


overalls style 1

overalls style 2


overalls 3
Which look is your favorite overall?
xx Miss Tabitha M

Best dressed at the Billboard Music Awards 2014

So the billboard music awards happened and while I don’t know much about the technicalities of the the music industry but I think the billboards are next in line with the Grammy’s and the Emmy’s in terms of being of major? Don’t quote me on that though! If you don’t watch the awards for the fantastic music acts then the looks sported should be reason enough! Here are my absolute favorites of the night!

Nicki Minaj in a cut out floor length! Double look to see if it was really our Nicki? Yeah, same here! But I’m not complaining about her softer look. Nonetheless, the cut outs give her look a great edge!

Sarah Hyland in a to trip-over-for two piece! The metallic detailing in the skirt and blazer along with the shoes are so sick!

Rosci Diaz in a bodycon dress with cut outs. Seriously, cut outs add the best touch to any dress and this is proof!

Everthing about Keltie Knight is YASS! The geometric design, cut outs (again, Tabitha?), the two colors, length, like she is doing it so right that it brings me so much joy!!

Andi Dorfman in this breathtaking bejweled dress! Are you seeing a theme of regular black dresses with a little something extra that makes them that more special??

xx Miss Tabitha M


My 2014 Summer Soundtrack!

Here’s a few tunes I am currently obsessing over and plan on blasting throughout my summer adventures! I’m into a lot of indie, a little alternative, rap is always a good idea and pop with a side of R&B, a splash of country never hurts either haha. Give them a listen and leave any music suggestions for me!

My First Year in University Recap!


With the beginning of summer, comes the reminiscing of the school year haha. My freshman year of college was everything I expected and soo much more! There was lots of tears, dancing, kissing, laughing, reading, writing, stressing, failed exercising attempts, secrets shared, friendships made and broken, good news, and most importantly unforgettable memories. I can only thank God for the experience I’ve had and the people I’ve shared it with and look forward to an even better series of events!

A Quick Facts I’ve learnt About University

1. The freshman 15 is soo real tho!! As soon I got home the second thing my mom said to me was that I had gained weight (thnx ma!) but so did every person after that. I cant say I blamed them cause I chose sleep over working out several times i lost count and then there’s the easy access food. Honestly looking back, being surrounded by all the dessert,pizza and fries I could eat, I was doomed from the get go!

2. You have so much free time!! But what you decide to do with will make or break you! You could either study when get out of your last class at 12 o’clock or explore neighboring towns til mid night.

3. Depending on where you go to school, word gets out quick about pretty much everything and everyone! I go to a private university which sizes a significantly smaller student population than a state public college and eventually you know a little bit about everyone before you even meet them!

4. College parties are everything you expect and then some. A few tips are go with friends; always!, do not take open drinks from anyone even if you know the person, tell a friend when you plan to leave with anyone that you met at the party and do not take rides from random strangers!

5. Parties are a great way to socialize and talk to that one person you saw around campus but couldn’t introduce yourself to. However, do not go to parties to find a guy that’s relationship material because that is just not happening hun! The loophole to that though is introducing yourself to the guy/ girl you like, exchange numbers but do not go home with them that night. Instead you arrange to talk outside of the party scene.

6. Have at least one friend with a car and pay for gas. Once again you’ll have so much free time and come one you don’t want to use ALL of it in a stuffy library. Give your friend a $20 or so for gas and explore the theme parks nearby or the malls or neighborhood restaurants!

7. Ask for help, ask for help, ask for help. Chances are, your college has numerous resources available to you, USE THEM! You do happen to be paying for them!

8. If you are bad with time management before college, you need to get it together before because once the ball gets going its going to be really hard to get it together. Having to balance school, a social life, family time, you time takes practice so start right away.

9. High school friend, who? There’s only one person I talk to from high school and that is my best friend since like middle school. I actually had such a hard time keeping in touch with her even though we’re so close! We both had so much going on while we were in school that there just wasn’t time to keep each other updated so were taking time to catch up during the summer. I spoke to my mom twice a week and sometimes went a few months without talking to my family members.

10. The best friendships are the ones that bring you out of your comfort zone and make you open your eyes to opportunities and experiences you never though you would partake in. Those friendships when handled wonderfully are forever!

11. Do not! I repeat DO NOT deny yourself of anything new. Try everything unless you could die from it then really put it in perspective and go with your gut!

xx Miss Tabitha M

NEW Shorts for Spring!


With spring comes new goodies for that can be used until we have to seek our scarves and boots in the fall! Distressed denim high-waisted shorts (originally Eddie Bauer jeans) ,Floral shorts (Forever 21), Black high-waisted shorts (Originally Riders jeans). With a few more cuts and distressing, I think the high-waisted bad boys will be good and ready!

Happy Easter!

Whether you were reuniting with the fam for a not so swift egg hunt, going to mass or pigging out with no regrets, I hope your Easter was a marvelous one! I celebrated his rising in this sophisticated yet casual look.


Worthington dress from JCP, Bandolino heels, Olivia and Joy purse and Levi and Strauss denim jacket

Let me know what you did this Easter or slightly even better, what you wore!

xx Miss Tabitha M

My Top 10 Most Adored Fashion Blogs!

To say the least, these ladies are the reason for my long, strenuous nights of procrastination and copious amounts of online window shopping. Not to mention the endless amounts of folders in my computer titled “Business (for my wallet) and pleasure (for my soul)”. Take a look and let me know your faves!

1. Kenzas

Kenza Zouiten

2. Ring my bell


3. Fashion Toast



4. Sincerely Jules


5. Viva LUXURY


6. Angelica Blick




7. Annie Jaffrey

8. One of each

One of Each Stack -

@Amanda Shoemaker from One of Each Blog featuring  #oneofeach #oneofeachblog

Amanda Shoemaker -

9. We Wore What

1 dvf-2-weworewhat

4 hm-conscious-collection-weworewhat

3 spring-white-weworewhat

10. Native Fox

Have a blogger that you’d like myself and others readers to check out? Link em, link em! My daily required amount of procrastination isn’t going to fulfill itself!

xx Miss Tabitha M

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One Year Anniversary of Miss Tabitha M!


Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my little child of a blog! This time last year, I had so much on my plate oh my goodness gracious! Starting a blog or place that I could share my love for beauty and fashion was in the top ten of my new years resolutions. I’m glad to say that I accomplished all my 2013 new years resolutions as I had set out to. Since Miss Tabitha M. com was started I have published 184 posts, gained over 240 wonderful and loyal readers,  and received over 12,500 all time views! I feel on top of the world and I know we can go no where but up from here! I wish you all the best in everything you set out to be! Whatever you do, be a great one!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M