A Few Things to Know About Nose Piercings!

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I recently got my nose pierced ,something I have wanted to do for quite some time now but always kept it off. This is my summer of actions speaking louder than words so I decided to get whilst out shopping with my mom and a friend. We went into a nearby Cambodian market place and had it done for only $10! haha talk about crazy! The whole procedure was quick safe and almost painless! Therefore, I decided to post some advice to help guide those considering the notion of a nose piercing from the basics to a little more personal tips.

1. Types of Nose piercings!

Types of Nose PiercingsPhoto credit: Blog.Bellybling.net

2. They really doesn’t hurt as much as you would think. Actually if you go in with the mentality that it is going to hurt like a *bleep* then you’re expectations will be disappointed so maybe its better to go in fear of the pain. 

3. The healing process takes a week and a couple days max to completely heal after which you may switch out the piercings with studs or rings of your choosing. Cleaning the area around the piercing with hydrogen peroxide should help!

4. Best places to go get a nose piercing are tattoo parlors or at your city’s mall.

5. Place to buy nose jewelry: Piercing Pagoda (located in the mall), Hot topic, Claire’s, etc. I would not recommend Ebay or Amazon because given the chance that the jewelry irritates your piercing, it is a lot harder to cover up because its right smack dab on your face! Save yourself the complications and take the safer route.

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M 


Happy Easter!

Whether you were reuniting with the fam for a not so swift egg hunt, going to mass or pigging out with no regrets, I hope your Easter was a marvelous one! I celebrated his rising in this sophisticated yet casual look.


Worthington dress from JCP, Bandolino heels, Olivia and Joy purse and Levi and Strauss denim jacket

Let me know what you did this Easter or slightly even better, what you wore!

xx Miss Tabitha M

My Top 10 Most Adored Fashion Blogs!

To say the least, these ladies are the reason for my long, strenuous nights of procrastination and copious amounts of online window shopping. Not to mention the endless amounts of folders in my computer titled “Business (for my wallet) and pleasure (for my soul)”. Take a look and let me know your faves!

1. Kenzas

Kenza Zouiten

2. Ring my bell


3. Fashion Toast



4. Sincerely Jules


5. Viva LUXURY


6. Angelica Blick




7. Annie Jaffrey

8. One of each

One of Each Stack - Oneofeachblog.com

@Amanda Shoemaker from One of Each Blog featuring Lulus.com  #oneofeach #oneofeachblog

Amanda Shoemaker - Oneofeachblog.com

9. We Wore What

1 dvf-2-weworewhat

4 hm-conscious-collection-weworewhat

3 spring-white-weworewhat

10. Native Fox

Have a blogger that you’d like myself and others readers to check out? Link em, link em! My daily required amount of procrastination isn’t going to fulfill itself!

xx Miss Tabitha M

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Ultimate Style Crush of 2013: Ashley Madekwe

 My style icon of 2013 award goes to the ever so marvelous Ashley Madekwe of Ring My Bell.  She took my breath away with each and every piece of clothing she put on her body and kept me reeled in with her sweet personality. Here’s a few facts about Ashley to help you get familiar with the British Beaut.


1. She plays my second favorite character on the hit show “Revenge”. She uses her sweet and innocent personality to make it in the cut throat world of the Hamptons’ Finest in the early days of the show until she realizes that ‘sweet’ wont do the trick in a world of vicious salty things. It doesn’t hurt that her character has as good a taste in fashion as she does 😉

2. Both Ashley and her hot cake of a husband hail from across the pond. Her husband Iddo is an amazing photographer and takes the majority of the pictures that appear on her blog. 

3. Ashley is best friends with my childhood TV best friend (in my head)! Talk about a small world! I grew up watching Christa B. Allen on Cake TV every Saturday morning only to grow up to idolize the style of her best friend. Christa is part of the reason I got into making and personalizing my own fashion and jewelry pieces. Christa also stars on Revenge alongside Ashley.

Here’s a few more of my favorite of Ashley Style moments from her blog!



IMG_5826IMG_7120IMG_4390 IMG_4891 IMG_5212IMG_5933 IMG_6089 IMG_7026IMG_7976 IMG_8024 IMG_8801

Whose style did you crush on the most during 2013?

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M

Nails of the week!


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This week’s nails of the week is nails in the color Beverly hills by Sinful colors. The color goes on great and only requires two or three coats to get a marble finish. I bought mine at my local Walgreens for only $1.99 and I never regretted it!

What are you wearing on your nails this week?

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.

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So over the weekend I hit over 200 hundred readers! This has definitely been on my bucket list! I cant put the way I feel about this into words therefore these gifs will have to do!

1. MissTabithaM.com hits 10,000 all time views!

 with a little bit of  .

2. MissTabithaM.com gains almost 200 comments on a total almost 200 blog posts.

3. I would like to thank all of you guys for reading my blog and bringing me this piece of joy. I promise to keep working on my little baby of a blog and furthering my education on the beauty and fashion side of life!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.

Favorite summer nail polishes!

ImageImage Summer is unfortunately has unfortunately hit its climax and is slowly coming to a close. Like everything that is associated with the summer time, I like my nails to be bright and full of life. Here’s a little round up of my favorite mani colors of the summer!

From Left: 1) Sinful Colors nail polish in the color Unicorn – Yellow nails can be a touchy subject but this color gives off a fun and carefree vibe. The color is bright but not annoying. Another important part about this polish is that it is not chalky and dry, it goes on and stays pretty glossy! ($1.99)

2) Sinful Colors nail polish in the color Cinderella – Okay so when I first got this nail polish I looked at the name and thought, ” This name couldn’t get anymore irrelevant..”. However, upon putting it on, I noticed that it is actually that precious blue color from Cinderella’s magic woven gown. ($1.99)

Picture this with a little more shimmer in it.

3) Sinful Colors nail polish in the color Beverly Hills. This is the perfect lavender color, you can apply a coat of white nail polish under it to make it really pop or just apply as is for a warm girly tone! ($1.99)

4) Essie nail polish in the color California Coral. When it comes to colors and fun names, Essie never disappoints. This polish color leans more towards a creamsicle/melon color. It has a marble finish that looks phenomenal on fair, tan and darker skin tones.  ($2 – $7)

5) Last but not least is Wet n Wild‘s fast dry nail polish in the color Saved by the Blue! Looking for a strong deep electric cobalt blue color? This is it! You know how I adore cobalt blue anything so this color was a definite must have for me! ($1.99)

Have any summer nail polish favorites? Share them below, I would love to try them out!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.


Nails of the week!

Image This week’s mani consists of NYC’s Long Wearing nail enamel in the color Red Velvet Rope #141! This color is the perfect red, it has a tint of orange to make it really pop on all skin tones! At only only 99 cents a bottle at your local drugstore, the only thing stopping you might be traffic!

Infinity heart Ring: Humanity Boutique.

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.

*Not affiliated with any brands mentioned in this post! 🙂

Sky blue


Striped skirt: Gap. Light V neck: Thrifted   Shoes: Payless  Chunky lion studs: Forever 21 Eagle studs: Forever 21

Another blazing hot day here in the lovely state of Massachusetts. My outfit today reminds of a clear sky with little innocent clouds. I paired my striped skirt with a light t shirt for a laid back feel and added chunky lion studs ( little piece of heaven).

Feel free to live suggestions on anything you would like to see like how I style certain clothing pieces, skin routines, D.I.Y’s, etc!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.