Should I even bother going to college?

“Change is inevitable”

I hear this phrase at least twice a year and each time its hits me with a resounding force. In a less than 3 weeks I will starting my junior year at University!! (PINCH ME, HARD) In all my phenomenal 19 years of life, I have never experienced a place filled with as much constant change as college alone contains. I’m willing to bet my first born to anyone who dare argues with me that they remained the same person and still held the same morals, values and views on several topics throughout their college career. You are shaken, stirred, challenged, made to rack your brain and shift perspective everyday.

Oddly enough about 80% of this change happens outside of the classroom! You go into college bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to “Get good grades” or “Turn the fuck up” or “Find Myself” or ” Make my parents proud”, whatever your goals are coming into college and whether you meet them or not, you can be sure that they will take something from you.

With two years of college under my belt the biggest lesson I’ve learned thus far is that college takes! It takes your money (don’t I know it), it takes your sense of being a child, your naiveté, your comfort zone, the space in you brain that is not yet filled with knowledge, your low self esteem, your fear of a lot of things, what you thought you knew about yourself, your sense of dependence on people or things, your drinking tolerance, your ignorance… I could go on. And this is what makes your change throughout college virtually inescapable.

Nevertheless, as college takes, it replaces. Imagine a robber coming into your house and as they take, they replace each item with something different. Something you may not have experienced before and while you’re disappointed that whatever you had before is not there, there is no way you would trade what you now have. College replaces whatever it “loots” from you with an open mind, life long companions, sense of self, independence, adulthood (although it could keep that), new values, craving for a better life and for me personally the feeling that I will make it through all types of adversity.

There’s no avoiding it so you must learn to habituate to whatever change may come. Oddly enough however, most people do not take notice of these changes until they return home for break and realize that there is a divide with people they interacted with before college. Conversations may be different as well as well some interests.

People change and with that comes growth. Humans need growth to survive; whether it be mentally, physically or emotionally.. we must grow.

Here’s to another year of change and growth as I continue through my journey !

xx Tabitha M



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