My First Halloween!

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Yes I am 19. Yes, the most recent halloween (10/31/2014) was first time participating in halloween. To me thats no biggie but to the humans around me that seemed as weird as saying that you don’t drink anything that has water in it (dude everything you can drink deff has water). I’ve never been one to go into a practice blindly without any prior information about the meaning behind the activity. Some claims that have been made about halloween were that it is a devilish holiday that the bible itself acknowledges as sinful whereas others celebrate it in collaboration with Dias de los Meurtos and others just want some free candy.

According to, Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, which consisted of dressing up in costumes to ward off ghosts, usher in the winter season and mark the end of the harvest season. Halloween today focuses more on various females as cats and lots of diabetes and cavities in the form of candy. Trust me, I’m not being impartial I love a good twix bar and whiskers as much as the next person. The Celts also believed that this transition between the seasons was a bridge to the world of the dead. The holiday transformed from a superstitious ritual to a day of fun, costumes, drinking, gathering, and treats for children and adults.

My opinion on the whole halloween circus definitely changed once I was educated with the facts behind it all. I’m not fond of participating in anything that commemorates the devil as a personal preference and I have been blindly believing that that was all halloween was based on. My lesson can be applied to so many instances that people come across where they make prejudgments of people, beliefs, religions, races, etc. I challenge you reading this to educate yourself, I mean research from reliable sources. Do some back study on a topic that you know deep down you know nothing about but still have an opinion about. I challenge you to condition yourself to look into everything before you make judgements about it.

Always learning,

xx Miss Tabitha M


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