Ultimate Style Crush of 2013: Ashley Madekwe

 My style icon of 2013 award goes to the ever so marvelous Ashley Madekwe of Ring My Bell.  She took my breath away with each and every piece of clothing she put on her body and kept me reeled in with her sweet personality. Here’s a few facts about Ashley to help you get familiar with the British Beaut.


1. She plays my second favorite character on the hit show “Revenge”. She uses her sweet and innocent personality to make it in the cut throat world of the Hamptons’ Finest in the early days of the show until she realizes that ‘sweet’ wont do the trick in a world of vicious salty things. It doesn’t hurt that her character has as good a taste in fashion as she does 😉

2. Both Ashley and her hot cake of a husband hail from across the pond. Her husband Iddo is an amazing photographer and takes the majority of the pictures that appear on her blog. 

3. Ashley is best friends with my childhood TV best friend (in my head)! Talk about a small world! I grew up watching Christa B. Allen on Cake TV every Saturday morning only to grow up to idolize the style of her best friend. Christa is part of the reason I got into making and personalizing my own fashion and jewelry pieces. Christa also stars on Revenge alongside Ashley.

Here’s a few more of my favorite of Ashley Style moments from her blog!



IMG_5826IMG_7120IMG_4390 IMG_4891 IMG_5212IMG_5933 IMG_6089 IMG_7026IMG_7976 IMG_8024 IMG_8801

Whose style did you crush on the most during 2013?

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M


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