After Christmas Sale Goodies!

This Christmas was by far one of the best my family and I have had since we moved the United States. There was love, laughter, family, joy, presents, thanksgiving, FOOD, and much more! I hope you all had a equally or greater Christmas!

When the stress of holiday shopping is all done, the gifts have been received, smiles have been put on your loved ones faces, you feel accomplished. You can either give yourself a literal nice pat on the back or metaphorically give yourself a pat on the back while you hit up all the Post Christmas sales!

My favorite places to hit up are online stores first then move on to actual stores because I barely have time to go around to different stores and look around for sales. Online sites like H&,, New, Express, Victoria’s secret are just a few of my main stops. I look for stores that have continuing sales post Christmas sales instead of just one day (usually the 26th) because I do not like feeling rushed at all.

Here is a few goodies that I are currently in my cart for H&M!

1. On sale for $5


2. On Sale for $5


3. Gold Purse on sale for $10.erhrth4. Long Sleeved Striped Top on sale for $4


5. Lace Bra on sale for $5. Lace thong panties on sale for $1.



6. Jersey Leggings on sale for $7

hmprod (4)

7. Pack of 5 hair elastics on sale for $1 per pack.hmprod (5)

8. Pack of three rings on sale for $3.hmprod (6) 9. Pajama set on sale for $10.

hmprod (7) 10. Cross body Purse on sale for $10hmprod (8) 11. Wallet on sale for $10hmprod (9) 12. Taupe Knit Sweater on sale for $10.jgio13. Knit Sweater on sale for $10hmprod (10) 14. Skirt on sale for $10hmprod (11) 15. Slim trousers on sale for $15.

hmprod (12)

16. Beige scoop neck tee on sale for $3hmprod (13) 17. Cut out dress on sale for $5hmprod (14) 18. Fleece jacket on sale for $15hmprod (15)

Au Revior!

xx Miss Tabitha M


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