Scoop her style: Julianne Hough!

 Whether its on the red carpet or out and about, Julianne always makes me want to throw out all my clothes and go buy whatever she has on! Of course if I had a penny for every time I tried to do that, I would sipping sparkling apple cider in Cabo every other weekend. Once I’m over the fact that I simply cant have everything Ms. Hough wears I look around my closet for similar items and mix and match until I get the perfect look.Image


Julianne’s essential wardrobe pieces include: 1). A Leather Jacket! 2). Booties! 3). Black and blue denim. 4). Black, white and graphic T-shirts. 5). Flowy tops.



  This first look gives us an insight in almost of Julianne’s looks: Edgy yet casual.

 Julianne rocks a few of her most commonly worn items ; black booties, a leather jacket and basic tee. She then adds a pop of army green loose fitted shorts to give the look a bit more character. The chain link purses ties the whole outfit together while adding the right amount of girly.



Taking major cues after J. Hough, I grabbed a pair of my favorite army green shorts and pair it with a basic black v neck and faux leather jacket. To continue along with the edgy theme, I also added combat boots.



The second outfit is your basic t shirt and jeans but with a major twist from Julianne. She adds  side knot to her shirt and rolls up the bottom of her distressed denim. To finish the look and give it character Julianne adds some funky detailed sandals.

 MY LOOK.ImageImage

To recreate the look, grab your favorite distressed light wash denim, white scoop neck t shirt and statement sandals. Add a side knot to your t shirt and fold up the cuffs on your jeans for a more laid back look!

Au revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M


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