How to wear a leather jacket in the summer.


Shorts: made them myself (this is not a brand, I actually made them ;). Faux leather Jacket:  Burlington Coat Factory.  Black V-neck : Forever21. Belt: Forever21.

Leather jackets are a part of me, there’s no hiding it. I just feel like they do so much! Call me crazy but I still wear them during the summer anytime I can. I’m obviously not wearing them when its scorching hot out but for those beautiful 70 degree days that come with the perfect breeze, the jacket makes a cameo. I like to keep the rest of the look light and simple. Denim shorts give the outfit a cool contrast. Add little accents of gold (necklaces, bracelets, earrings) to make the look pop even more!

Shopping tip: The few fall items that stores have in store during the summer are always super inexpensive! I scored this faux leather jacket at my local Burlington Coat Factory for wait for it…… 7 DOLLARS!! ARE YOU STILL THERE? I ALMOST CRIED!

Au Revoir!

xx MIss Tabitha M

*Not affiliated with brands mentioned in this post* 🙂


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