Favorite summer nail polishes!

ImageImage Summer is unfortunately has unfortunately hit its climax and is slowly coming to a close. Like everything that is associated with the summer time, I like my nails to be bright and full of life. Here’s a little round up of my favorite mani colors of the summer!

From Left: 1) Sinful Colors nail polish in the color Unicorn – Yellow nails can be a touchy subject but this color gives off a fun and carefree vibe. The color is bright but not annoying. Another important part about this polish is that it is not chalky and dry, it goes on and stays pretty glossy! ($1.99)

2) Sinful Colors nail polish in the color Cinderella – Okay so when I first got this nail polish I looked at the name and thought, ” This name couldn’t get anymore irrelevant..”. However, upon putting it on, I noticed that it is actually that precious blue color from Cinderella’s magic woven gown. ($1.99)

Picture this with a little more shimmer in it.

3) Sinful Colors nail polish in the color Beverly Hills. This is the perfect lavender color, you can apply a coat of white nail polish under it to make it really pop or just apply as is for a warm girly tone! ($1.99)

4) Essie nail polish in the color California Coral. When it comes to colors and fun names, Essie never disappoints. This polish color leans more towards a creamsicle/melon color. It has a marble finish that looks phenomenal on fair, tan and darker skin tones.  ($2 – $7)

5) Last but not least is Wet n Wild‘s fast dry nail polish in the color Saved by the Blue! Looking for a strong deep electric cobalt blue color? This is it! You know how I adore cobalt blue anything so this color was a definite must have for me! ($1.99)

Have any summer nail polish favorites? Share them below, I would love to try them out!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.



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