D.i.y rings holder out of a nail polish cap!


After my recent jewelry purchase, I found myself struggling with finding a place to put my jewelry. As for now, I don’t have a big jewelry nor do I plan to get one soon but I still want to display my jewelry in a pleasing manner! This where I started fumbling around for anything that looked like it would be the most functional. I started with my rings because I have a fewer number of them but still had no luck, until I tried putting them on a empty nail polish bottle. Here is what I came up with.

What you will need:

1. A makeup sample cup ( Avail. at Sephora,  M.A.C and Bare Minerals stores for free).

2. Super glue.

3. Empty / unwanted nail polish bottles.

4. Scrap paper.

5. Rings.



Step 1: Take the nail polish brush out of its place in the nail polish cap using a piece of paper and a wiggling motion.


Step 2: Place super glue to the rim of the nail polish cap, let it sit for 15 seconds then place it on top of the sample cup cover.


Step 3: Gently press the nail polish cap onto the sample cup cover and hold for 1 minute to let the glue dry in place.


Step 4: Let the rings holder sit for fie minutes with a fan running overhead or just place it on a window sill with the window open.


Next you want to test to see if the glue has completely dried by placing a ring on the holder then taking it off. If there is no glue that comes off with the ring then it is dry, if not then let it sit until it has dried.


If you do try this, please send me pictures either on my twitter  or instagram with the handle @tabithamajwega.

I really had fun making this holder and I hope you enjoyed it!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.


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