Forever 21 Jewelry and clothing haul!


This past week I was swamped with work and college orientation so I was not able to get any posts up. I do apologize about that. I recently treated myself to a few jewelry pieces I had been eyeing. For some reason that is unknown to man, my studded jewelry has gone missing. I was literally left with a small pearl stud and a back stoppers, what the heck right? I picked up jewelry, a few clothing essentials and a body small body scrubber so without further ado, I present to you my purchased items!


 Jaguar and Lion Face Earring Set.Image

Faux Tusk Earring Set. 


Wing Earcuff and Stud Set.

Assorted Cross Stud Set.


Pearlescent Stud set


Hope and Dream Stud Set.Fotor0629105328Fotor0629110126

Star-Spangled Mustache Earrings ( Gave them away to my little sister).


Star-Spangled Charm Bracelet.


Cross Bead Chain Bracelet.


Wing Charm Bracelet (I purchased two of these but gave the other away to a friend) .

Love Hearts Charm Bracelet ( Gave it away to my sister).


Antiques Wings Set.


Antiqued Ring Set.



Cropped Leggings (super thick but they hit just under the knee which I am not very fond of).

Basic Scoop Neck Cami in Black and White.

V-neck Tee

Bunny Shower Mitt.

Criss-Cross Body-con Dress ( I got mine in a burgundy color).

Hope you enjoyed this little haul as much as I enjoyed making it. If you want a review on any of the products mentioned, please just let me know!

Au Revoir!

*Not A Sponsored Post.


7 thoughts on “Forever 21 Jewelry and clothing haul!

    1. Yes the jaguar & lion set is my absolute favorite as well! It really is and Forever21 is so great cause you can treat yourself without going overboard on the prices. xx

  1. I am so jealous right now! I love that wing earring that curls around. It’s so unique and pretty. 🙂 I’ve been obsessed with studs ever since I realized that I seemed to be cured of my intolerance to cheap metals. Forever 21 is the place to go for the best price on any accessories though.

    1. The wing is such a rad piece! I’ve been encountering more and more people with the inability to wear fake jewelry which is a bummer but if you can wear them then I say do it. Forever 21 does a good job of making their jewelry look similar to more expensive jewelry. xx

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