D.I.Y cut out dress and shirt!

Image Change is so good therefore today’s a little different. I’m going to be sharing with you one of my favorite things ever! D.I.Ys, I can literally sit on my butt for hours watching D.I.Y videos. I have really been into dresses and shirts with cut-outs because its something so cute and fun added to a basic item.


A few of my most loved cut out dresses from Tobi.com.

What you will need:

– scissors

– pen or pencil

– dress and a shirt

– tape

– hard paper



 1.  Put a length of tape to part that you want to cutout, make sure it’s neither too far up that you can the bottom of your boobs nor too low down. Try to make the cutout just above the belly button. Using a writing tool to draw out the square shapes but making sure you leave enough space between the squares.

2. Fold the material  of the dress vertically along the first line of the first square to make a whole then carefully begin to cut out the square.

3. Continue to cutout all the squares then take out the tape in the spaces to reveal neatly cut squares!

Fotor0610204536 This is how my dress looked before and after the cut outs.



 1.  Cut out the diamond shape out of hard paper or brochure paper then put the shape on the sticky side of the tape.

2. Cutout the tape so that it is in the shape of a diamond.

3. Place the diamond shape tape on the area where you want the cutouts to be appear. Make sure you enough space between the tape markings (about half an inch spacing).

4. Cut along the diamond shape tape while making sure you’re not cutting the bottom as well! Take your time with this part because the scissors could slip and mess up the cut.


Have anything you would like me to recreate? Let me know!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M


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