Kendall Jenner inspired look!

Ever have a dress or certain outfit you want to wear but you cant even think of how to wear it? No? Must be nice to be you! Yes? I’m right there with you! My issue was this red shift dress with a leather neckline from Jcpenny. I had the shoes that I wanted to wear with it but everything else was kind of a dead end. Whilst doing my daily stalking on Kendall’s instagram I  came upon two pictures of her at a baby shower and right then I heard a voice around me say “Next pic, she has more pics” but I had to stop myself and take in the look and all its beauty. Here is how I used to inspire my look!

Hair: Kendall has her hair in a low kinda disheveled ponytail and two front pieces of hair hanging off her face. In one photo she has the flower crown but not in another photo so I’m not sure if it was part of the outfit or not. I absolutely love how the pieces frame her face. My bangs are much shorter than hers but I was able to curl them and give them the slight wave Kendall has going on.


 Dress: Kendall’s baby blue shift dress is perfection but this look only inspired so I’m not too worried about the dresses looking completely different.



Have any outfits you would like me to recreate? Let me know!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.


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