How to make thrift shopping a breeze!


For lack of a better term or phrase, thrifting is hot right now! Whether you consider yourself a trend follower or not, this is something that anyone can try and gain from. Now I know that the idea of purchasing items that someone else has already worn is not ideal for everyone. Who knows what the person who wore it had right?

“I sure don’t want to save a fortune on clothes simply because they’ve been worn before me!  What do I look like saving money?”

If you would like to save some extra cash for a future bigger purchase or manicure, stick with me and I’ll give you some tips on how to thrift the right way!

1. Know what you want!

Whether its making a list of specific items that you want to look for or having a certain look in mind, know exactly what you want before you enter the store! It can get super hectic if you go into the store just for the heck of it. First of all, you could end up buying junk you don’t even need or just getting frustrated and having a sour first impression! Whether you want to save on a bunch of  T-shirts, sweatshirts, purses, shoes, frames, books, etc, make sure you have it and keep it in mind!

2. Estimate your size!

fitting in clothes is my least favorite part of shopping because it means i have to undress just to dress up again then undress again. What? I’m a pretty lazy shopper. Fitting in clothes at the thrift is double the work because most of the time the fitting rooms are not the best so you need to get good at estimating your size and figuring out how well something will fit you!

3. Have no extreme expectations!

A lot of people go into thrift stores with so many prejudgments and that hinds them from enjoying the full experience! Go into the store with an open mind and don’t hope for too much or too little!

4. Go to the thrift store on a holiday!

I’m not saying wake up Christmas morning and head over to the nearest store! I mean holidays such as memorial day, veterans day, etc. Many thrift stores or department store in particular host crazy sales for “bank holidays”, these are holidays that schools, banks and other governments run places close are not too major.

5. Make it a fun experience!

You shouldn’t have to give up your lunch or dinner money for one trip to the thrift store, take it as a treat for yourself or just try it out as something new. Then afterwards lay down in your new thrifted BCBG sundress, thrifted Raybans, thrifted Micheal Kors wristlet turn up Rihanna’s pour it up and count out all the money you saved!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.


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