5 clothing essentials to pick up in the guys section.

Every time I plan on going shopping, I mentally prepare myself by going through my clothing essentials first. If there’s anything that I need to replace or just get I will either mark it down on paper or mentally take note of it. From the essentials, I go on to pieces that I fell like I really need. For example, If I saw a pair of shoes in a magazine and just felt that they’re really in style and functional I will mark that down as well.

Going back to the topic of essentials, I really really love wondering into all different sections from the women’s to the little boys and girls section. The prices are amazing and since I am pretty small in clothes I have no problem with them fitting right. I usually only look for clothing for the upper part of my body. I find that bottoms especially pants are either not fitted or end to too high up (high-waters).

One of the main things I look for are Oxford button ups. I go to the dressy part of the boys section for this item then to the biggest size which is usually a large.


 How I style the oxford button up!fefe Fotor0514204621


Next up, another classic, the plaid shirt! There is no doubt that the men’s section or little boys section has a wider selection of plaids since there are originally made for men. Sure one can find them in the women’s section but the patterns are limited and they’re also sometimes just a bit more pricey.jbj How I style my plaids!y (3) Fotor053113202 Fotor052014517

 This is a new must have for me because I will be entering my freshman year of college this fall and literally all friends that are in college tell me I will be living in tshirts. Comfort is key and tshirts are the doors. A simple Tshirt , a pair of skinnies and a sick pair of shoes is one of my go to outfits. Tees int he guys section can range anywhere from $4 to $20 plus whats on them is always interesting!y (1)


A few ways I like to wear my Tees.y (2)

What are your favorite items from the guy’s sections?

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.


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