Tough and preppy!

  It was tres cold today as well so I went my favorite button up from Van Heusen (from the little boys section ;). It is pretty preppy so I added some roughness to it by paring jeans and combat boots. For extra toughness, roll the jeans up so that they hit at the top of the boots. For a more easy going look, tuck the legs of the jeans all the way into the boots!

Image Shirt: Van Heusen. Jeans: Kohls. Combat boots: Payless. Belt: target. Necklace: Forever21. Nail polsih: NYC color in minute.ImageImage I can explain? I was breathing out so I could see my breath, the camera went snap snap and here we are!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.


4 thoughts on “Tough and preppy!

    1. I usually test my luck, sometimes the items are too small or too big. I try to venture out into the mens section for comfy tees and button ups as well. Its all about keeping an open mind girl! &Thank you Monica! xx

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