Sweaters in the spring ?!

 Spring= dresses, warmer weather, brighter morning, blooming flowers and sweaters! Yes Sweaters. I like to say that ” The sun is out for decoration and not warmth today..” on days when the sun is shining but it is absolutely freezing outside.As much I would like to throw my cable knits and such into the back of my closet, I cannot. Sweaters can be worn on anything, anyway especially on those cold spring morning.

I paired my A.N.A. pullover sweater from JCP with my black jeans from Kohls and my combat boots. The sweater is simple in the front but has a dropped back. It also has shimmery threading that does not irritate the skin.



What’s your favorite way to wear sweaters in the Spring?

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.


2 thoughts on “Sweaters in the spring ?!

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