1 major way to go online shopping without buying anything!

I’m Tabitha M and I have a shopping addiction. I’m here to seek treatment. The first step to recovery is admitting the truth.

Now more than ever online shopping is BIG! You don’t have to leave your house to walking around for hours while lugging around hangers of clothes, fit on anything or run into people  you’d jump into dumpsters to avoid!

I mean how can I even begin to resist? This all sounds marvelous but then again this is not helping us SA’s (Shopping addicts).

That’s wear I come in! Every time I feel the flaming urge to but something that I convince myself to really need, I go ahead and start going through the website, picking out which items I like and putting them into my shopping cart. I do this for as long as I can or until the website wont let me anymore…

Yes I mean actually go about your business like your are really shopping! When you’re ready to stop the go ahead and go onto this link , watch the entire video then turn off your computer and do something you really need to do!

I am not kidding when I say that this has really helped me! A few days or weeks later on you can go back to that same website, look through the shopping cart from last time and either you wont want the same items anymore or some of them will be sold out!!


Let me know if you tried this!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M


9 thoughts on “1 major way to go online shopping without buying anything!

  1. lol. I’ve seen that video before. It’s hysterical! I don’t really have an online shopping addiction, but I am definitely guilty of going through sites and just looking at their products for a good while (hello Forever21.com). I have a rule that if I really want to buy something that I will go to store and get it in person. This usually kills the urge. 😛

  2. ahh indeed it is so difficult! especially when you get really good deals. ahh..
    i love how your first picture is from “confessions of a shopaholic”, it was the perfect reference!

    1. It is quite difficult but you gotta stay strong, not only for yourself but for your wallet. If its meant to be bought, it will be bought..in due time. 😉 haha that movie’s a classic! xx

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