True Life: I’m obsessed with Polaroids!




It is safe to say that I have a huge obsession for Polaroid cameras right now! The idea of being able to capture a memory and have it be available to hold in your hands in a matter of seconds is genius to me! Of course I know they’ve been around forever but for some reason I just started getting into them recently. If you do your research well you can get one for under $100 that has amazing quality!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.


4 thoughts on “True Life: I’m obsessed with Polaroids!

    1. My obsession is between dedicating a whole album to just pictures of them and going to several websites in search of the perfect Polaroid camera, putting a whole bunch in my cart and pretending I totally just bought them all. Problem is the film, don’t how I feel about practically buying a whole new camera every time I buy film, you know?

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