OOTD Featuring floral denim!

Today I wore my floral denim pants from my recent haul. They fit super snug and are long enough that they  hit below m ankle. I usually have a problem with jeans beingto short when I’m only 5’8.

I completed the look with a tank (Forever21) , blazer( Kohls), a watch, sunnies and tall riding boots (target).


 photo 3de84edf-ef72-429a-b71e-4ce092d13d07_zpsebf2006b.jpg

 photo 752a1665-5569-464d-a096-3e14c2a2c7b5_zpsabb8a594.jpg

I’m in love with the ruffled lower back.

 photo bdee09ac-cc10-4b9b-9dbc-76b5a92e2c35_zps2654b738.jpg

 photo 564fa968-eb07-4886-8c35-873de5e4258c_zps512abe87.jpg

Both accessories are from local shops.

Au revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M


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