Wrecking Havoc.

I came, I wrecked havoc and I hauled! This haul consists of mostly bottoms. I always feel like I do not have enough pants, always. Everything listed in under $20, you can scream…now! I sure did!

Wondering where I exactly I got all these pieces? Kohls! I am without a doubt obsessed!

By the time you finish going through all the pieces you’re going to think that I either went thrifting or I’m lying. Well, I did nether!

1. Tuxedo Type Denim.

 photo 1ed7e3fc-db6f-4620-8721-0aac87fc9dec_zps3502b28c.jpg

 photo 093e0517-0784-4db0-a126-00f8d634e973_zps7f632676.jpg

This may be my fav pair of pants because of the awesome fit and black line that goes down the side. The color is a deep yet significant blue.  Cost: under $15.

2. Dark Floral Denim.


 photo e8e64e84-2704-43d6-9da2-95df4c176304_zps96ccf5e5.jpg

  The pattern on this pair is phenom! The fit is fantastic as well and the jeans do a great deal of creating the illusion of a perky butt (I don’t mind at all). Cost: under $10.

3. Geo print denim.

 photo 118fab8c-c702-4b34-b98e-15dc42fbe3f7_zpsad57827f.jpg photo 8f1671a1-8603-438f-8e37-2eea355bdb44_zps23e7cdef.jpg

I like the way these cuties incorporate the black and white spring trend without even knowing it. They are loud but that works to my advantage because I do not have to try to hard with the rest of the outfit! This pair is from Jcp. Cost: $20.

4. Leather pants.

 photo eac93c15-a7ca-4fc0-bc29-51fcbcd98904_zpsd772beb2.jpg

 photo ca66eccd-705f-44ab-93fa-d4519e443c05_zpsa9396a8a.jpg

My camera did a suckish job of portraying the true color of these pants but they are a deep purple/reddish color. They are a faux leather material but with a fleece inside. None the less I can not wait to pair them with black heels and a loose blouse! I know leather pants were hot in the fall but I really love these so I find a way for us to be together! 😉 Cost: under$10.

5. Rough Tee.

 photo 40773349-c1ab-4c5d-b6b7-7da0568089c5_zps50ed14e7.jpg

 photo ae88b7a5-f8d8-46ff-a6a9-0b54343ffbd3_zpsdddf0c50.jpg

Three words; soft, effortless, cool. I want to pair so many things with this tee from jeans, shorts, skirts, on top of sleek dresses. You can layer it with a cardi, blazer, etc. I get excited just looking at it! Cost: under $10.

Upcoming posts will feature me showing you how I pair these pieces!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.



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