Pray for Boston!

Hey everyone, today I come with a topic that is different from what I usually post. As you may or may not have heard, two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon yesterday leaving over 110 people seriously injured and 3 people dead, one of the three being an 8 year old boy. It disgusts to an extravangant amount that there are actually people willing to commit such stupid acts at the risk of innocent people’s lives. Acts made to terrify people and leave them unsure of what horrific events may happen in their homes and neighborhood to their children, spouses, brothers, sisters, mother, fathers, etc are beyond evil!

I live in Lowell, Massachusetts about an hour away from where the bombings took place and while I fortunately do not have family members or loved ones who were physically affected by the bombs.There was also a group of coaches and students from my school at the marathon but they are all well and uninjured. I have a classmate who was severely injured when shrapnel flew into both her legs. Her mother was also injured and had to have BOTH her legs amputated overnight. My heart goes out to Sydney Corcoran and her family in this extremely difficult time. I cannot offer them anything that will reverse this event but I will keep them and the hundreds of other families involved, in my prayers!

If you would like to read more about Sydney and her mother, click her name above and leave some messages of prayers and quick recovery! If you would like to donate to Sydney and her mother please visit : 

#PrayforBoston  #CommitsActsofLove  #BeKind  #Forgive

Au revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M


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