Prom hair ideas!

Prom is literally right around the bend for me, I cannot keep in terms of how excited I am for that night. With that said, there is a lot that goes into prom from the dress, hair, shoes, nails, makeup, dates, jewelry, etc. It can be overwhelming and even more so when you wait til the last minute to get these essential items.

While there is no set style matched to any particular dress, certain hairstyles may look better on certain dresses. (Makes sense?) . Here’s what I mean; if you have a dress with a lot of detailing and dazzlers then you may want to go simpler with the hair. If you have a dress that’s simple and classy then an over the top hair do is a top option.

If you are looking to go with an updo..


If you want your hair to one side…

prom hair




If you want a half up, half down style…

Untitled #102

If you want a ponytail style..


If you want to go with loose curls…


Untitled #106

Hope you found this helpful!

Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M


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