Step up your Tee Game!


I am a sucker for a good ole comfy tee and jeans on the days that I convince myself the top knot is a good idea. However, I am also one to get easily bored, so I look for fun and enticing new ways to put my t-shirt to work on more than one occasion. Cause nowadays what good is a clothing item if you can’t wear it a hundred different ways?!

Spring is around the corner but for now the corner is still between 40 to 50 degrees. Rejoice! Because these outfits are versatile, you can rock them before, during and after the coming seasons and also because every item is under $50!


 1st look: Good for a casual date or outdoor festival.

Tshirt- Nordstroms Skirt- Sandals- Sunglasses- Earrings- Bracelets-

2nd look: Good for amusement park dates, beach day, day out with friends.

T-shirt- Shorts- RiverIsland Earrings- Jcrew Bracelet 1– Bracelet 2 – Bloomingdales Sunglasses- Converse- converse.comImage

1st look: Good for a night out, a casual meeting, brunch, lunch,etc.

Jeans- Blazer- Heels- Zara Clutch- Guess Sunglasses- 

2nd Look: Good for a more dressier/casual date night, meeting, dinner, work, night out, etc.

Tshirt- Skirt- Target Heels- Zara Watch- Nordstrom Purse- Zara Sunglasses-

Which look would you rock? Let me know below!

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Au Revoir!

xx Miss Tabitha M.


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