Guess what??

I made an entire post titled ” Everything you need to know about Mascara.” and I was about 90 to 95 percent done when I decided to save it it and finish it at a later time. Little did I know that word press did not actually save it so here I am three days later looking through  my drafts for the post to put up an it is literally no where t be found! There is not a single trace of it! You can I say I went a little clepto at that moment. With that said, I’m going to re work on it and try to put it up before the weekend! (hashtag) UNSTOPPABLE! 😉

Happy First day of spring by the way!!! That is if you live in the U.S of A. I am so glad that the winter is officially over even though there is plenty snow on the ground :/. The sun is shining and it is not too cold but I wouldn’t walk outside in shorts (sadly enough). Pretty soon I will have my regular outfits post when the weather gets warmer of course!

I have a spring related post coming up later today so stay in touch!

I also have a secret yet super exciting project that I am putting together and will be working on very soon. I will also be giving you all a hint on what it is about soon! 

Next order of business, this blog ran by yours truly hit 77 followers today!! I screamed! Every step is a step forward and I have everything to be grateful for! Thank you guys!



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