Nail It!

Spring less than a month now and I must say I am freaking excited!! I’ve been over the dreadful winter since it began haha and now that its coming to a close its time to celebrate! And what other way to celebrate than with nail polish! These are must have spring nail polish colors. These are the colors you will find me wearing on my cuticles all spring long and maybe into summer because I love them that mucho!


 This is by far my favorite color. Little story: I was looking to paint my nails a red color but I was over the dark reds that I didn’t feel complimented my skin tone. I wanted a brighter red and low and behold, I go to Walmart with my mom that same morning, head to beauty section, look for nail polishes and bam! My perfect bright red nail polish had an orange undertone and it was wait for it… by the brand NYC cosmetics! Plus it was only .97 cents, tell me you didn’t fall out your chair. ( I sure did)! This particular is referred to “Blood Orange” appealing right? Anyway this color looks great on absolutely anybody! Just try not go too orange, it may or may not look cute.

From left to right: Essie polish in Poppi-Razzi, Sally Hansen, My paprika is hotter than yours by OPI, Geranium by Essie, Charlotte Russe.


 Feel like targeting your inner Elle Woods, I have the perfect color! Bubblegum pink is bright, girly and fun. Its a sweet way to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit.

From left to right: Hot pink by Forever 21, L.A colors, Shocking pink by Forever 21, Madison Ave-hue by Essie, Summer neon by China glaze.


To match those pretty blue spring skies, you need some pretty sky blue fingertips. I have a sky blue color in my nails that I mixed myself as I type. I am in love with and the color just brightens up my mood every time I look at it.

From left to right: spilled polish and the one next to it is the Top shop Celestia, BP( Nordstrom), Forever21 polish in Blue Sea, Charlotte Russe.


Spring is all about bright colors and outfits filled with life so if you want to keep everything else simple, this is your polish.

From left to right: Peach Sorbet by Forever21, Sugar daddy by Essie, Ballet slippers by Essie, Mademoiselle by Essie, Nordstrom.

What’s your go to nail polish color for spring?

– xx Miss Tabitha M


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