Get Rihanna’s Grammy Makeup Look!


Rihanna’s under eyes really pop and for that same effect, you want apply your under eye concealer in a V shape under your eye. She also seems to have a little bit of concealer on her T-zone (going down the bridge of her nose, the middle of her eyebrows and on her chin). Blend it well and then apply foundation as well as powder all over your face for an even finish. Rihanna does not have any blush on but rather has a light hand of bronzer to the apples of your cheeks and on your forehead just under the front of your hair line.

For Rihanna’s eyes, apply a champagne color to the base, add a nude brown color on top of that up to the crease. Apply a thick black liquid liner to your top lash line. Start as close to the base line then work your way up for a middle sized line. Next apply a thick black eye liner pencil to your bottom waterline, staying as close to the water line as possible!

Next you want to apply concealer or a whitish nude color right under the eyebrows to shape and define them.


For the lips, Rihanna’s makeup artist used a (1)cherry colored lip liner to line her lips and then filled them in with a lipstick from MAC called (2)Ruby Woo then after that put another MAC lipstick called (3)Lady Danger in the center.

Hey loves, I hope you enjoy this post and remember that I am no a professional makeup artist, I made this post based on research and my learnt makeup knowledge. Feel free to change it up into whatever way looks best on you! Maybe you want purple lips instead of red or a smoky eye instead of a more natural look, DO IT UP..I dare you!

Do you like Riri’s look? Have you tried any of the lip products above? Let me know in the comments!

– xx Miss Tabitha M


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