What I’m looking for when I go spring shopping


My Spring Fashion Must haves! These are just some things that I will be going up and down through racks for when I embed in my shopping adventures!

Crop Tops have been everywhere I looked since the end of fall and I have had enough!! I’ve seen tight ones, colorful ones, solid colored ones, ruched ones, cuffed ones, I want all of them!

Pastel Jeans are already an obvious one. I also wanted to add bright patterned denim into the list as well. My fav color of pastel denim is a mint one and coral denim.

Muscle Tees, OMG Muscle Tees, that’s all I have to say. If you want to make your one muscle tees, you can grab any t-shirt you want and just cut off the sleeves. make sure yoU cut as close to the thread line as possible. Its quick and painless.

I also like to wear my muscle as Crop Tops (go figure) or tie a knot in the front so it gives off an effortless look.

Okay straight off the bat, I used to loathe Pointy Toed Pumps. I thought they made me looked ridic but then one sunny afternoon as I was browsing Zappos.com, I ran into the babies pictured above and the rest id history! I need them!

First seen on Rihanna, these Strappy Heeled Sandals called out to me. They are SO hot!

Flats and Converse will be what I have on my feet all spring long when I’m not in heels which is like 80% of the time!

What are some of YOUR spring must haves? Where will you be shopping for them? 

Au Revoir loves!

xx Miss Tabitha M


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