What to wear to Prom. Courtesy of Rent The Runway!

Prom is probably two or three months away, depending on where you live. Some countries don’t even have prom and in that case I would apply these looks to any occasion where you have to dress extravagant! I am neither sponsored nor supported by Rent The Runway for this post. I am really impressed by the selection of gowns that they have and thought I would help someone who has a prom coming up but does not know how to “style” herself. Everything but the shoes in all the looks is from the Rent The Runway website. Hope that makes sense, shall we begin?


ImageFirst and foremost, this is my favorite look out of all 5 looks. It has an old Hollywood feel to it and is just tres elegant! The accessories stay in the same color family including the bra, which is from RTR too by the way. My suggested hairstyle is that of Blake Lively (pic shown above). Its effortless and fun but still quite elegant. I would also suggest old Hollywood waves a la Marilyn Monroe if you want to go all the with theme of the look.


The dress, clutch and earrings are courtesy of RTR. The heels are from alloyapparrel.com. This look is the girliest of all the looks in this post. An effortless up do like the one above keeps away from distracting the eye from the beautiful designs of the gown.



This dress’ shape is just amazing! The shoes are from pacificplex.com. I kept everything in the same color or at least similar color, then added these beautiful earrings with green stones for a sudden pop of color.



Shoes are from windsorstore.com, everything else is from RTR. The gold accessories play off softer and more elegant than if the dress were to be paired with a silver accessories.



Va Va voom is this dress. This look is for the more daring party goer. The shoes are from WhitehouseBlackmarket.

Which Prom look is your favorite?

Go on to [ http://www.renttherunway.com/all/occasions/ ] prom to rent any of the dress above. You get fifty dollars off your first rental, this week only with the code: 50FIRSTRTR6592. I am not sponsored in any way, nor do i get in on anything you purchase or sign up for! Au revoir!

– xx Miss Tabitha M


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