I want that look, for less: Rita Ora Makeup


For this look for less, I target Rita Ora golden makeup look. All the items mentioned are below fifty dollars and can be altered and replaced with different items that do a similar job. Let me know if you like these types of posts by liking this post and following this blog. Au Revoir! xx


For the face use a foundation that provides full coverage but does not look all cakey because Rita Ora’s look has no lingering flaws. If you have any blemishes that the foundation does not cover then your next step is to apply concealer to those specific areas.  1. Jergens natural glow 2. Revlon nearly naked foundation. 3. Neutrogena sheers loose powder. 4. Milani baked bronzer pressed powder 5. Wet n wild icon bronzer. Apply a light sweep of powder then start contouring  Both the Milani and Wet n Wild bronzer have a buildable finish so you control how bronze you look. You’re the one who has to wear it so why not have control over that right? For the coral cheek a la Rita, brush this Nars blush in Gina in a a shape of a 3 but focusing more on the middle part of the 3.* Remember to suck your cheeks in before applying!


Next step is to sweep some sheer gold eye shadow over your crease. This Nyx palette has the perfect colors to create the natural golden eye so apply away!eyeshowew

Line your upper lid with a thin line of black liquid eyeliner and sightly wing it out at the corners. remember to go easy because this look is supposed to look effortless and “natural”.


Rita’s lashes are not super coated with mascara, so use a light hand and apply 2 coats of this Rimmel mascara. focus on the base of your eye lashes the most then quickly spread it out.nhbk

Lastly apply these lip products in the order they are shown. A lip balm will go a long way with keeping you pout looking moisturized. The Revlon lipstick shade works perfectly to create that natural lip color and for extra impact, dab on some lip gloss.




You’ll have to excuse me for the lack of sha-zam in this post, I’m not feeling my best but I will be back with lots more goodies so you can look forward to that!  Please follow this blog and like this post! Au Revoir!

-xx Miss Tabitha M


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