She’s on the top of her [A] nail game!

If you’re nail fanatic like myself, finding new ideas for your claws gets harder as time goes on. Time and time again Kylie Jenner has proved to be at the top of her nail game, switching them before I can even finish painting mine! Below are some of fav polishes that she’s had on and beside are affordable polishes that can help you achieve Kylie’s look at home. Be sure to prep yours by filing them in one direction to avoid damage to the cuticles. Apply a base coat as well as a top coat to each nail for a pearl finish . Image

KJ tackles the barbie look with these hot pink nails. When looking for a similar shade, avoid dull pink or pinks with purple. To make the color even more of a barbie pink color mix a drop of white nail polish thoroughly, then apply!

Now what girl doesn’t love a  classic mint color? Kylie clearly does since she sported this look a little longer than other shades in this post. The color that Kylie has is a lot lighter than the usual mint polish or Tiffany blue colors. If you want the full effect, try adding a drop of white polish into your nail laquer or give the one above a try and tell me what you think!Image

Fall may be over but a color like this should never fad. It’s not red and it’s not “ox blood” but just the right color. Similar shades you can try on the side. Enjoy!
Image Ahh, and finally my favorite color: Cobalt blue! It works so well on her fair skin tone! This is one of those few colors that I will wear day in and day out, no matter the season.  The color above by China Glaze makes the perfect match! It looks fab on any and every skin tone so give it a try and tell me what you think.

Got a product you want me to review, a look that you really want to get for less? Comment below and let me know!

Au Revoir!

– xx Miss Tabitha M


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