Kylie Jenner inspired Outfit


As you can tell, I’m on that KJ obsession grind, can you blame me though? Girl gets it on! And by on I mean her style; clothing, hair and the way she carries herself. I ahem “stumbled” upon one of oh so many of her selfies on her Instagram. In the picture (posted above) , she is wearing black leather pants, a graphic muscle tee and heels with a middle chain strap. The nerve, the idea, its genius! Now I’m not going to lie, I’m not one to wear heels for just any occasion whereas Kylie on the other hand makes it look like more of an instinct. I for one would not have thought of putting together an outfit such as this one which is the main reason I jumped on the idea to use youngest Jenner sisters ultra chic ensemble for an inspired outfit post!

My take consists of a tee that is similar in shape to that Kylie’s. It drapes effortlessly and has sleeves that are slightly rolled up for that added cool factor. Mine is from Topshop. Kylie channels her inner rocker in her leather pants, I channel my inner teenager with a pair dark wash denim from Ted Baker and pull the whole look together with edgy booties courtesy of Her signatures jewels:  the Cartier rings and matching bracelets come with a burden of a price tag, so instead go with this similar gold band rings from (they’re under $20, BONUS!). For a side pleasure, finish off with a KJ inspired nails. “Where’s My Chauffeur” from Essie does the trick!

Au Revoir!

– xx Miss Tabitha M


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