Spring Sneak Peaks : My Spring Must Haves!

ImageHi Ho cheerio! Hope everyone is well and happy on this fine day. Just joshing, its blizzarding here in New England but I plan to make the best of it. Is that even a word though? Blizzarding? Do not shoot me if you are a grammar fanatic! I come to you today  with peace in one hand and my spring must haves in the other. Now I know spring is like a good month or two away depending on where you live in the US. Other Countries still have summer or have just started their winter. With that said, many stores are already bringing forth their spring clothing and accessories and such to give us fashionistas a head start.

I am tres overjoyed when spring rounds the corner because it means it’s the end of a gruesome winter and its getting closer to warmer weather and no school! This is the main reason to why I go for bright colors in my clothing, shoes, accessories, you name it! A little word of advice: Do not get carried away! Remember that it is not summer yet so refrain from wearing shorts and tanks alone yet! Try to slowly but surely transition your clothes, it will keep you from taking hazardous fashion decisions. (What did I just type haha it’s not that big of a deal 😉 

J’adore bright scarves, flats and pastel denim!!! OMG  I scream! I’m love with the spring items from Forever21.com , they do not come short of pleasing me! Flats are good step towards warmer weather without letting your walkers get too cold. Chances are you’re already wearing scarves in the winter incorporating them into the next season’s wardrobe shouldn’t be hard. Just reach for a lighter and more colorful scarf. And last but not least pastel denim! Its an instant pick me up and flatters almost every body type! While it may not super easy to wear, if you stick with neutrals for other parts of your outfits, you can do no wrong!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Want to know how I style these items?! Stay connected for future posts! Au Revoir!

-xx Miss Tabitha M


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