Ten tips and remedies to help get rid of your acne!


I have suffered from acne for so long! it took over my life and affected the way i looked at myself and acted drastically. I tried almost everything under the sun that is guaranteed to work for troubled skin; proactive, clean and clear, clearasil, you name it. It would seem to be working for a week and i would get my hopes up just to have them lying on the cold hard ground. Eventually i took matters into my own hands along with help from the man upstairs and researched home remedies and causes of acne and what i could be doing that was causing my acne! and now i’m proud to present to you to seeds of my research! These tips are in no particular order so I  hope you learn a thing or two. xx

Tip #1: Sleep is very important to our everyday routines. It is essential to all aspects of our bodies. Not getting enough sleep can cause stress which can lead to breakouts as well as a dull complexion. try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Plan your day accordingly if you know you wont be able to get all those hours at night and take naps during the day! The position you sleep on plays an important role too!

Tip #2: Most acne can be caused by inflammation of the skin so gaining control of that will help you in the long run. For a quick and easy D.I.Y  mask apply a thin layer of cold plain yogurt over your face for five minutes in the morning.

Tip #3: Always always remember to remove makeup before bed! Its an important step towards acne free skin that can be easily skipped over. No matter how tired you are, wiping or washing of all your makeup can save you a lot o work in the future! You either take off all your makeup  every night before bed or deal with breakouts later on from clogged pores.. you choose! A small tip is too also change the pillow case you sleep on every week to keep bacteria from re-entering you pores!

Tip# 4:  Bacteria is a huge cause of acne, so do everything in your power to see that you do not  touch your face with your fingers throughout the day! The germs and bacteria from our hands and fingers can get transferred into the skin, settle and cause break outs! This means resist the urge to scratch, rest your palm on your face. Use a clean napkin or wash/ disinfect your fingers before touching your face!

Tip#5: Indulge yourself in H2O! I know it’s not humanly possible for most people but try to drink half your weight in ounces of water. Say if you weigh 120 pounds, try to see that you drink 60 ounces of water a day! Do not go over board because over hydrating can also be a problem!

Tip#6: Many cases of acne involve an overproduction of sebum, zinc can be essential to eliminating acne! Look for small snacks that are rich in zinc to have throughout the day!

Tip #7: Try an oil cleansers like lavender oil to clear away lesions to the skin as well as break outs! Massage into the skin using a cotton ball and do not wash out.

Tip #8: Lack of antioxidants in our digests can increase the risk of acne. Add a side salad filled with antioxidants to your lunch or dinner! Avocados contain healthy fats and vitamin C and E to keep skin plump, bright and hydrated.

Tip#9: lemon juice can gently cleanse our skin and acts as an antibacterial product. It can also be used as a mild exfoliant and adds brightness to your skin! Use it freshly squeezed from the fruit and massage into skin after washing, leave on for 5 to 10 minutes then wash out!

Tip #10: Do not pick at your pimples! Its tempting, you already do not want there so you figure helping it disappear faster is the only way to go! Wrong! It may feel good now but trust me, it will come back real quick to bite you in the behind! Plus it will also leave ugly dark scars and ain’t nobody got time for that!

That is all for 10 tips on how to get rid of acne! While not each one cures acne instantly, following these simple rules on the daily will have your face looking much more acne free. Share your lessons from today and FOLLOW this blog! Au Revoir!

– xx Miss Tabitha M


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