I want that look, for less : Miranda kerr

ImageI hope everyone is having a great week so far! For those who are down in the dumps, I put together a little something to brighten up your life, even if it only lasts a minute or so 🙂 I so that you guys really enjoyed the recent M Kerr I want that look, for less so here’s another one to tickle your fancy! If I had penny for every time I lusted over a Miranda Kerr outfit, I would have A LOT of dang pennies!

This is one of the more casual ensembles she rocked! I found a similar striped cream colored sweater at Wallisfashion.com for $49 which is bit much for a sweater but how much do you think Miranda’s cost? 😉 The destroyed jeans are only $28 at Forever21.com while the double breasted coat from Sheinside.com is $38. Miranda gives her cheetah printed babies a double take so shall we. These are the same loafers from my first I want that look for less and they’re from Threadsence.com and at only $45 I can not complain!

Now lets get down to the serious part. The crucial part. The dang Celine bag is all I see now days. Even if you’re not easily pressured into making expensive purposes, this bag looks really tempting. Want to get in on a secret? You do not have to buy the $3000 purse! Crazy ca ca you scream! Smartbuyluxury.com I type!! this website has the same designer bags you stare at for days, the same bags you cant escape from when you open up your instagram feed. A’ight Jenners we get it 😉 This particular Celine bag is the  luggage nano black grain leather piping and sold at (might want to hold onto something solid, maybe just get down on the floor real quick) $297! Whew, Is everyone okay? Now I know not everyone goes wild for something with as little importance as a purse and that is totally fine, just replace the Celine with your which ever solid black bag you have laying around and yo’ure all set. Finish the look off any sunnies you have at hand for that mysterious look (when really you just didn’t have time for makeup.)

I really hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to post ANY fashion and beauty requests you would like from me! Please follow and share! Au Revoir!

-xx Miss Tabitha M


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