How I style Vests Part 1: Casual ensemble

So a look I’ve been absolutely loving lately has been Moto (Motorcycle) Vests as well as just regular vests, they’re technically jackets with no arms, cute right? no? OK. They come in all shape color patterns and material. I truly like both the cotton and leather, however I prefer leather because it gives an edge to almost any outfit you pair it with. I purchase my vests mostly at but what else is new? I am not certain that you will find them everywhere (store wise) only because I have not looked everywhere but if you know other places besides forever that I can get them then all the better! I tried to keep all the pieces right under fifty dollars and not a penny over!

This first ensemble is more one the casual daytime side. Its perfect for running errands, school, shopping, whatever you want to do in he daytime that allows to dress casual. The beanie adds warmth and a punky feel, the pants and denim kinda work at offsetting each other.The backpack is stylish while adding comfort so youre not lugging around a large purse.


Top:Topshop Vest: $24 Pants: $27 Beanie:  Dimepiecedesign $32 Boots: similar ones at Payless, Jcp and Forever 21 all under $50 Backpack: Victoria’s Secret $40 Cross ring: Asos $11 Pop-out heart ring: $18 Arrow ring: $10

This is the first outfit of the how I style moto vests series.There’s still 2 more looks so stay connected loves! Au revoir!

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