Three Sleeping Tips: What You May or May Not Know About Sleep.


So I don’t know about you guys but I love to sleep_ any where, any time, any planet. I’m always down for a snooze fest. With that said, I do not always sleep the best! I wake up feeling grumpy, tired and annoyed. (Usually on mornings when I have school ;i). I always kinda pushed the subject aside until I came across a video on sleeping habits by Kandee Johnson. After that, I went ahead and researched the subject of sleep and found some really helpful tips to help you if you have the same problem while helping me as well. So be grateful! 🙂

Tip Numero Uno (One)

Your sheets man! Before you even think about getting onto and into that bed, when was the last time you changed your bed sheets? A week ago? Two weeks? Three?? Sleeping on the same sheets for too long creates a land of endless bacteria and dead skin cells that  body sheds during sleep. Ew, ain’t nobody got time for that! Eventually the dirt and bacteria is continuously transferred onto your skin causing acne all over the body. The recommended amount time you wait is a week but remember that is long enough for bacteria and dead skin to start their little army!


Tip Number Two

Do you find that you tend to develop acne on one side of your face more than the other? Is it the same side of your face that you sleep on? The position you sleep greatly determines how your sleep turns out. Side sleepers rejoice because according to the man himself ( Dr. Oz) this is the healthiest position to sleep in. Back sleepers can raise the roof as well but not as much as side sleepers. While this position is better than the stomach position it can lead to back problems if it is not done right. Placing a pillow under your calves is a good way even out your form if you elevate your head with a pillow as well. Read more on sleep positions here:

Tip Numbah Satu ( Three)

Now I don’t know if it’s just me but I find it so hard to sleep when there is a light on in my room. Tip number three is to turn down or turn off completely any lights in your room. The light from the lamps causes you to stay asleep longer and prevents the neurotransmitter in your body from helping you fall asleep. Turn them lights down or off ( It also saves electricity? Go green)

Hope theses mini tips helped and feel free to leave your advice that I may have missed. You are more than welcome to leave requests on a future blog you would like to see. Or just say Hi. AU REVOIR !

-xx MissTabithaM

Kandee Johnson’s video:



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