The Beauty Benefits Of Raw Blue Agave


I can’t remember what episode or topic Dr. Oz was discussing but he mentioned the use of Raw Blue Agave as a face product to work towards different results for our skin. Whatever he discussed did not clearly settle into my noggin and I later on found myself wondering about what it was that I was missing out on. When my dad bought back a bottle of raw blue agave I lay aside my procrastination and devoured myself into some research.


While at first glance blue agave looks similar to honey and actually sweetens beverages much like honey does, it carries many differences. Well maybe just two or three, but they are pretty significant. the blue agave plant is mostly well known for it’s use for tequila making but works greater beyond one night stands.

 Raw blue agave carries anti-aging properties that regenerate and reguvinate the skin’s surface. In the ancient Aztec days in Mexico,the nectar from the Blue Agave pant was used to heal different skin conditions and treat all types of wounds. All you need to do is apply about three tablespoons worth of the blue agave onto the skin of your face while avoiding the eye areas. A personal favorite way of using it is to apply small amount to my lips to remove fine lines and keep my pout looking youthful.

Hope you found this helpful and please follow and share with your friends, pals, family, neighbors, dentist? it would mean A LOT to me and it would ABSOLUTELY make my day. Til next time, Te Amo.



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