Blogs I am Loving!


She’s adorable, talented, sweet and gorgeous! what not to love? If you enjoy beauty tips from real life makeup artists, she’s your girl! Michelle also has a YouTube channel (MichellePhan) and an online store ( Check out both and come back and thank me, I’ll be waiting!


She’s a foreign beauty this one. This exotic beauty tackles a YouTube channel alongside her super chic blog ( Among her videos are beauty, hair, outfit and more! I’m gonna say you’re welcome in advance for this blogger beauty. I’m obsessed.

Annie’s YouTube:


Dool-che, Dol-say however you say it, its fabulous. The Mexican fashion and beauty guru has the such a kin sense of style, but then again what stylist doesn’t. With cameos of her adorable son Izek, one cannot resist wishing for a minute in her life ( or at least her closet!) ;j Watch her work her magic on her YouTube DulceCandy.

Dulce’s YouTube:


This cute and quirky ex cheerleader is on fire! Fresh out high school with semester of college completed, a Clothing line on the world-wide web and more confidence and clothes than an average can control, I’m obsessed! I highly recommend her cute ass lil broski as well. The pair cause quite the riot!

Lauren’s YouTube:

Lauren’s online store: Crossbones and Couture

 y (3)

She has supermodel looks and style and the perf personality to complement it all! she may be the new chick on fashion and beauty YouTube world but she’s going nowhere expect up! A fun fact is that she’s besties with Lauren Elizabeth (shown above). You know what they say, “Great minds think alike” they’re both uber talented!

Gibson girl’s YouTube:

Other blogs that will knock your socks off :


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